Hello loyal minions

Today's post is about christmas and giving, and..........stuff that psychological rubbish. hope everyone got cool stuff for christmas and hope eveyone has a good new year.

bye from SomFx3 and nuclearhello 5 for a change
Hey Guys, I know I don't do many blog posts but I want to wish you all a merry christmas! Also we have a search box on our home page! Plus we have comment boxes on the nerf page! MERRY CHRISTMAS GUYS
From Robzi67
Hello loyal minions
we have recently discovered that if you search team awesome sauce productions into google it comes up with our page! also i have created a Twitter account and i hope you can see the twitt on the sidebar
apart from that our video flow has stopped which is bad but more will come in the new year including:

Midget the Movie
Juggernauts V Assasins
More Game Guides
More Nerf Vids
and maybe even Fairly Odd Parents: The Abridged Series!

Goodbye and have a merry christmas from all of us at Team Awesome Sauce Productions
As you may have noticed i have added a new section to our website. its called GAME GUIDES!! i have started it off with a COD 5 trophy guide hope you enjoy it

We have Decided the map for JvA and it will be a slightly edited version of paradiso on Halo:Reach. The first episode will be coming out after christmas.